Wind Energy

Wind EnergyWind turbines of variable sizes have become a familiar sight for almost all of us in many parts of the world. This this is due to advantages associated with wind energy. Studies suggest that if this resource is utilized to the maximum, then it can supply well over 20% of the world’s energy needs.
There had been speculation years back over the possibility of tapping wind energy. However, with the advancement of technology, it is now possible to fully tap this natural resource. Currently, the US is the biggest user of wind energy. It accounts for almost 3% of its total energy needs.
Interesting facts about wind energy
● Wind energy boasts of being among the oldest energy forms. Historical sources indicate that as early as 5000 B.C, wind was used in boats to sail from one end to the other.
● Texas in the United States is the most developed with wind equipment in large quantities than any other state. It has over 40 wind projects which is quite an enormous lot. In addition, it produced over 7000Mw at the year 2009 alone.
● Wind energy is solar power. The sun heats up the earth. However, due to unevenness of the earth some parts get the heat while others do not. Therefore the variation in temperature causes the massive currents of air to move. This is what is called wind.
● There is no threat posed to wildlife through harnessing wind power. The NSA did determine this in the year 2009.It further stated that no wildlife such as birds have ever been trapped by rotating blades.
● A Megawatt of energy produced by wind is less 2600 tons of carbon dioxide that could have otherwise been produced by other sources such as fuel.
Why is wind energy becoming popular?
Wind energy helps the economy to grow. Since wind energy can be harnessed in almost all parts rural areas can tap this form of energy and generate their own cheap and alternative means of energy. In addition, areas that have massive investment from wind equipment get taxes from property owners hence improving on their revenues.
Wind is free. This means wind energy is free fuel. Costs arising from such things as transportation and mining do not arise in the case of wind energy.
Prices associated with wind energy are stable. Unlike fossil fuels which face instabilities due to mining problems and transportation costs, wind is a free source of energy which is fully free apart from installation costs.
Jobs are created. These could be short term or long term. Staff such as engineers, meteorologists, surveyors and technicians could be employed hence utilizing man power for the benefit of man himself.
Energy from wind is an alternative source of energy which is cost effective. Costs incurred in producing an amount of electrical energy from wind is much more less than the same amount of electricity produced from fossil fuel.
Our environment is conserved by utilizing wind energy. This is because there is no emission of smoke which pollutes the environment.
The bottom-line is that wind energy is the best and most sought after alternative source of energy today. Wind energy is the future. What needs to be done is a serious investment for full results to be achieved.