Using Renewable Energy Sources as Backup Power

Backup PowerAlmost all equipment present inside a modern house runs on electricity. Stoves, kettles, juicers, televisions, computers, water filters, refrigerators, dishwashers, water heaters, space heaters, air conditioners etc all are electric powered and things get really tough when there is no electricity. Power lines are down after earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and thunderstorms. In extreme cases power outage can last for several days or even weeks. Everyone needs to have power backup for surviving in such conditions.

Backup Power Sources

Renewable energy sources, especially solar power systems are now being used as the main power source. The only downside of solar power systems is their high onetime cost. Most people don’t have enough money to purchase large solar systems that can power a whole house. Small solar power systems are available at highly affordable costs. These units can provide power to lights, fans, refrigerators, stoves, water heaters etc. but not altogether. You can manage to run almost all home appliances with smaller units. If you need to turn on the water heater you can turn off the stove or fridge for a while to avoid excessive load.

Solar Power Systems

Small sized solar power units are the perfect choice for backup power. In normal days when you are getting grid power, the solar system can be used to heat water so that the unit remains in running condition, and also saves you some money. Small solar panel units are available at highly affordable costs. You can even build a solar panel system yourself to save some extra bucks. Search online and you can come up with several websites that deliver solar panel systems or equipment at your doorstep. Solar systems include photovoltaic panels, controllers, batteries and output sockets. The batteries store energy and they can provide backup power even if there is no sunlight on a particular day.

Wind Power Generators

Other renewable energy backup power solutions include wind generators. These generators allow you to convert average speed wind into energy that can easily power numerous electronic appliances. Wind generators are easy to assemble. A man that easily handles small domestic hardware tasks can also combine different components of a wind generator. Small wind power systems are available at quite affordable prices. Petrol or diesel generators are usually not the perfect backup choice as getting fuel on a disastrous day is quite difficult. Gas stations are closed during floods or storms, and people don’t even get a chance to step onto the roads, so these generators become useless in extreme cases.
Every household should be prepared for emergency situations and backup power should be given top priority. One can live without food for a couple of weeks, but surviving without clean water is very difficult. Water can be cleaned by boiling it on a stove or by a using water filter, and both these things need electricity to work. Kids start to cry in the dark, but if you have backup power you can easily light your house. As mentioned above, renewable backup power sources turn out to be the best choice during calamities. So, every house needs to have a alternative energy source.