The importance of floor marking tapes in industries

floor marking tapesFloor marking tapes are the newest trendsetters in the market. These floor tapes help to make your workplace more organised. Mainly used to demarcate areas like the aisle passage and areas for pallet storage, these tapes enhance the flow in your workplace. Another kind of floor marking tapes which are gaining popularity these days are glow in the dark floor tapes. These tapes are used to illuminate dimly lit areas in your workplace, so as to avoid any chances of tripping which, in turn, would lead to a hazard. Floor marking tapes also come as reflective tapes. As the name suggests, when light falls on these tapes, it reflects back the light making areas easily visible in the dark. Available in different shapes and sizes, these tapes can be easily put on the floor in very less time.

Nowadays many people also opt for floor marking paints which are a more pocket-friendly option. However, it is not durable as it starts cracking and peeling out in due course of time. Thus, if you are looking to buy floor tape for factories, you could visit This site provides you with a complete solution to all your industrial problems. They are one of the pioneer manufacturers of floor marking tapes and are best known for manufacturing tapes which are durable and strongest in the market.

Advantages of using floor tapes

Many people are not aware of the advantages of using industrial floor tapes and where these floor marking tapes should be put, so as to enjoy its complete benefits. Here are some reasons to prove the necessity of floor marking tapes in industrial areas.

  • Improve organisation of your workplace: If your workplace is organised it would help you to reduce the time taken to look for things. Thus, floor tapes can be used in order to demarcate areas in your factories making things easier.
  • Ease in locating first aid equipment: In the case of a hazardous event in your industry, you can immediately locate first aid equipment like a fire-extinguisher, wash basins by using floor marking tapes, thus preventing mishaps.
  • Assistance for easier navigation within the factory: You can use different colours of floor marking tapes to direct people to the nearest exit or the nearest main office. This would help people navigate easily within the premises, especially during an emergency.
  • Placements of unused products: Floor tapes can be used to mark areas as to where unused goods like pallets, inventory and garbage cans should be placed so that they can be easily located whenever it is required.
  • Alert people to use Persona Protection Equipment: Dangerous sites within the premises of the factory can be distinguished with the help of these tapes, so as to make people aware of the danger.

PermaStripe Floor Marking Tape is one of the specialities and is basically used in industrial places. Being 43 miles in thickness, this tape is known for its long-lasting durability and can withstand any kind the pressure at your workplace. This type of tape is a classic example where strength meets quality. Having a huge network of clients, many rely on them because of the warranty on such products and also a money-back guarantee.

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