How timber products give an elegant look to your home?

timber-deckingHaving wooden flooring at your home adds on to the value of your home. Whether you are a home owner, or you want timber for commercial buildings, interior designing, architectural works etc., it isn’t very hard to obtain.

A huge variety of Australian hardwood, and also flooring spices, which can mirror your elegance and flavor, can be easily bought. Some of the famous Australian hardwood available at are Spotted Gum, Black Butt, Tasmanian Oak, Grey Ironbark, Tallowwood, Messmate, Red Ironbark, Sydney Blue Gum, Brush Box, Yellow Stringybark, Jarrah, Roasted Peat, Wormy Chestnut, Mixed Hardwood, Turpentine and so on.

As such, Homeleigh Discount Timber happens to be a provider of quality timber supplies. One more important product of Homeleigh Discount Timber is timber decking. They have a variety of decking material like Silver Ash, Yellow Stringybark, Jarrah, Tallowwood, Spotted Gum, Black Butt, Ironbark, Treated pine and many more. All of these decking materials are tested and can be used in various places like pool side area, alfresco entraining area and so on.

Here are some of the special products and services available at Homeleigh Discount Timber.

  • Timber Screens:

Using of timber screens is the most economical and easiest way to block your neighbors. It acts like a partition wall between you and your neighbor’s garden or sit out.

  • Structural Timbers:

These structural timbers are made so as to hold weight. They occur in a number of varieties. Some of them are F8 (unseasoned hardwood), F7, F5, F27, F17, MGP 10 and so on.

  • Treated Pine:

Treated Pine can also be used for various purposes such as framing, cladding, decking, fencing, pergolas and also for exterior designing. Using of treated Pine is versatile in nature.

  • Australian Hardwood:

These types of timber are usually used for decking, flooring and many other structural purposes. Homeleigh Discount Timber has huge variety Australian hardwoods as mentioned above. Most of them are locally sourced, while some of the special hardwoods are sourced from outside, when greatly recommended by the customers. All these come from forests which are sustainable so as to reduce the harmful impact on the environment.

Homeleigh Discount Timber also encourages Engineered Flooring. Engineered Flooring is actually considered as one of the most popular method of flooring replacing the traditional method hardwood flooring. The timber used in Engineered Flooring is real when compared to the laminate flooring (which is considered as a composite product). In engineered type of flooring, two or more layers of timber are used in the form of plank. The bottom layer of timber provides the strength and durability of flooring, whereas the top layer giver the look of wooden flooring.

Are you in search of a timber supplier providing quality timber at reasonable rates? Homeleigh Discount Timber is your one stop destination for all your timber needs. It is basically a Melbourne-based company having experience of about 30 years in the field of construction and timber industry. They have a very good knowledge in this domain of work and will guide you on the right timber product, quantity required for the job and also its application.

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